When perfect function meets good design in an innovative way, we know we must have got it right.

Design SCALA lab furniture

Implementing aesthetic demands into a good design is one thing – enhancing functionality with
innovative details is another. But when good design and perfect function are harmoniously combined, the lab rooms are noticeably improved. 

That’s what we’ve accomplished with our new SCALA lab furniture: many useful features are combined with a visually pure form.  The distinctive inclination of the service duct brings the valves, fittings and deposit surfaces closer to the user – while also providing more usable depth for the work surface. The color scheme separates the different work areas and levels – making for the best laboratory layout. 

Our new walnut wood decor gives certain areas a special emphasis. 
In addition, the newly designed label of the extra storage cupboards provides a clear overview of its contents. Thus the laboratory rooms can be equipped in a beautiful, timeless and well-arranged manner – for an all-around attractive work environment of the highest functionality. 

 IF Design Award für Laboreinrichtung SCALA von WALDNER  Good Design Award für Laboreinrichtung SCALA von WALDNER  Focus Open Design Award für Laboreinrichtung SCALA von WALDNER