AeroEm by WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen


1 Lifting block
2 Worktop with marine edging
3 Window and deflector (safety glass)
4 Gas outlet
5 Water outlet with drainage basin and waste water
   lifting unit
6 Openings for pipework


The AeroEm is a fully featured fume hood which, in spite of its mobility, meets all the requirements of the standard for laboratory fume hoods. It is equipped with castors and flexible media connections, and can be set up in freely selectable locations at any time by means of plug-in connections. The only precondition for positioning it anywhere in the room is that a service wing must be available which provides the media, including ventilation connection, throughout the room.


  • For usage in any location with connections for service provision e.g. a service wing
  • Fully visible from all sides
  • Extraction point in the internal workspace
  • Operating controls externally at the traverse