Walk-in fume hood by WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen


1 Sash with sash handle and horizontal sash
2 Service panel
3 Service module in the fume hood side wall
4 Control panel FAZ or AC
5 Upper sash window
6 Removable front filler panel
7 Extract manifold
8 Baffle with scaffold points



  • Safety equipment for operators, tested according to EN 14175
  • Extraction of fumes, aerosols and dusts from the internal workspace to prevent dangerous toxic concentrations from escaping into the laboratory
  • For avoiding the creation of a dangerous, potentially explosive atmosphere in the internal workspace
  • Protection against dangerous extrusive substances
  • Protection against flying debris, compounds or particles from the internal workspace
  • Fume hoods built according to EN 14175, are generally not suited for work with radioactive substances or for work with microorganisms.
  • Not to be used for exposed work involving chemical breakdowns
  • Suitable for barrier-free entering of the internal workspace
  • Service outlets in the service module of the interior workspace‘s side walls
  • Operating controls externally at the service panels
  • Suitable for high experimental setups