Bench-mounted service outlet by WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen


1 Worktop
2 Drip cup with water outlet
3 Panel with electric installation
4 Panel with plumbing
5 Bench-attachment covering
6 Service duct
7 Function stands
8 Service supply slot
9 Suspended underbench unit



  • Services supply for double work benches
  • Variants for genetic fields
  • Modular attachment of cell add-ons at function stands such as reagent repositories, instrument shelves, suspended cabinets, scaffold points, etc.
  • Tool-free installation of supplemental service duct add-on parts such as pegboards, monitor arms, pipette holders, paper towel dispensers, universal storage, etc.
  • Not suitable for double work benches where separate work surfaces are required 
    (cf. BGI/GUV-I 850-0)