WALDNER service ceiling - laboratory furniture SCALA

Service ceilings for flexible laboratory rooms
It is of essential importance to be able to quickly adapt the laboratory, and it will continue to expand in the future. The Waldner service ceiling, for the first time, integrates all liquid laboratory services, gases, current, datalines, lighting, and air conditioning, as well as supply air and extract air flow, and offers effective and variable use of the laboratory by means of high adaptability to changing conditions.

The service ceiling simplifies the planing of the laboratory building

Entire storeys can be covered by the service ceiling and newly divided as needed through the gridless partitioning – without interfering with the building structure. This drastically reduces the costs of a redesign, as opposed to conventional laboratory furniture.

Connecting the office to the laboratory

New areas can be created by means of the service ceiling segments. Changing the installation follows from the nearest connection block. Through our partition system, it is possible to realize the direct coexistence of office and laboratory.

Only one on-site service delivery point
Fed via an on-site service delivery point, the service ceiling offers connection points distributed over a freely definable surface unit to the movable service modules at several workstations. That limits costs, since it dispenses with the coordination of different trades.



  • Ceiling supply system for laboratories with highly flexible, modular layout of the individual project phases
  • Suitable for all types of laboratories, including chemical, analytical, physical
  • For laboratories with diverse requirements
  • Integration of all mechanical systems trades in the lab room, such as ventilation systems with control, electrical supply, lighting and services supply
  • Custom size adjustment to the building grid
  • Very short on-site assembly time