1 Service panel with corner valves / outlets/empty panel
2 Single/double-sided service column aluminum profile
3 Ceiling console with steel sheet and aluminum profile
4 Service ceiling (by client)
5 Angle profile for wall mounting
6 Service column


As a compact service supply, our service columns offer the possibility of transparent room design. Equipped with removable panels and an internal rail, the service columns can either be installed directly on the laboratory ceiling or on the service ceiling.


Use service column

  • Services suply via the ceiling for:
    • Laboratory benches under the service columns
    • Laboratory equipment on mobile tables or substructures
    • Floor-mounted laboratory equipment
  • One or two-sided design
  • Variants for genetic engineering areas
  • Additional storage areas through the connection of service columns with reagent repositories

A: Raw ceiling
B: Service ceiling
C: Wall