Service spine by WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen


1 Knee-hole cover panel
2 Sink module
3 Service panel for sanitary installation
4 Pillars for attachment parts
5 Service duct with panels, glass shelf and
  integrated rail for add-on parts
6 Service panel
7 Cantilever
8 Function stands


The service spine provides many options during the design of the laboratory environment for different designs and rapid changes. As an independent
unit, the service spine can be combined with freely selectable bench frames for wall-mounted work stations or for a double-sided bench.

Internal rail for compatible equipment
The internal rail below the panel surface accommodates useful equipment, such as storage shelves, reagent stands, scaffold pipes and towel holders.

Uncomplicated upgradability
The modular, screwless service panels can be rapidly exchanged as the need arises.


Use service spine

  • For floor-mounted services supply to:
    • Wall benches
    • Double work benches
    • Laboratory equipment on mobile tables or substructures
    • Floor-mounted laboratory equipment
  • Variants for genetic fields
  • Modular attachment of cell add-ons at function stands such as reagent repositories, instrument shelves, suspended cabinets, scaffold points, etc.
  • Tool-free installation of supplemental service duct add-on parts such as pegboards, monitor arms, pipette holders, paper towel dispensers, universal storage, etc.