Service wall duct by WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen

1 Service panel with electric installation
2 Service panel for sanitary installation
3 Service wall duct covering
4 Service supply from above
5 Fastening profile/service channel
6 Service duct


As an alternative to service spines, service wall ducts can be installed directly on the wall or in connection with a wall-sided service spine. Additionally equipped with panel technology and internal rails for variable placement.


Use service wall duct

  • Wall-mounted services supply for:
    • Laboratory benches under or in front of the service wall duct
    • Laboratory equipment on mobile tables or underbench construction
    • Floor-mounted laboratory equipment
  • Variants for genetic engeneering areas
  • Tool-free installation of supplemental service duct add-on parts such as pegboards, monitor arms, pipette holders, paper towel dispensers, universal storage, etc.