Secuflow - Fume hood for working with high thermal loads

Due to its sophisticated supply and extract air flow, the fume hood Secuflow EN7 secures safe operation when working with thermal loads, whilst retaining all
the benefits of the supportive flow fume hood Secuflow. When the laboratory is equipped with Secufow EN7 fume hoods, the user is ideally equipped for any kind of laboratory work: whether this is normal operation or working with thermal loads.

Waldner lab fume hoods for more safety


The locking process of the sash is automatically triggered if nobody is working on the lab fume hood anymore. The light barrier stops the locking process as soon as obstacles project from the fume hood interior. 

Secuflow - Waldner's energy saving fume hood

Due to further optimizing the flow technology our lab fume hoods require less energy, yet are providing utmost safety. The fact that our lab fume hoods are not only reducing the investment and operating costs for the ventilation device is not only an ecologic advantage but als an economic benefit provided by the integrated supportive flow technology. 

Waldner's mobile lab fume hoods

Mobile lab fume hoods by Waldner - like e.g. the MobilAir - have been developed for the use at any locations required. That way the flexible lab is becoming reality.