How much energy does the laboratory furniture expend?

WALDNER Lab Furniture - Sustainability

As little as possible. Since the development of our laboratory furniture program, we define the question of energy balance differently than before. It is our goal to further improve energy balance in the laboratory from the economic and ecological point of view. That's what we've achieved. Our laboratory system expends less energy in continuous operation. We have lowered the energy demand in our fume hoods through optimization of the flow patterns in the air supply and exhaust, with identical performance and the same safe operation as before. 

Our Secuflow fume hood expends 33% less exhaust air than conventional fume hoods! SCALA also uses less energy in the manufacturing process. We have improved many production processes without making concessions in our quality standards. For example, the high quality coating of our etal components is bonded at a lower temperature, thus generating lower emissions. Shorter production processes bring further energy savings, and we have also considerably reduced our use of energy-intensive aluminum. 

As a result, SCALA lab furniture is not only economical but also good for the environment.