Good Design Award for SCALA

The most important accolade for the manufacturers and designers of a new product does not come from design juries but from their customers, and more specifically when these same customers want to buy this new product! The acceptance by the market and massive demand for SCALA from day one shows that we have hit the mark. In spite of this, or maybe specifically because of this, we put SCALA forward for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

Design Award for the SCALA lab furniture program of WALDNER   The rating criteria are still based on the fundamentals of function and aesthetic, yet with a distinct leaning towards requirements emanating from current environmental issues. These criteria have constantly been at the forefront of our minds in the design and development of SCALA. All of our development work has been rewarded not only by the fact that we have been able to incorporate these criteria, as well as many other requirements, into our product but that we have even been awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD!