01/30/2024 | Milchpilze are sprouting again

For generations, the Milchpilz was and still is an icon, a landmark, a meeting place. Why the Wangen mushroom kiosk is now getting reinforcements.

The Milchpilz - originally conceived by Anton Waldner in the 1950s as an original sales kiosk for dairy products - is making a big comeback at the Landesgartenschau (State Garden Show) in Wangen: three of these popular figures will welcome visitors to the garden show grounds, serve them food or simply let them reminisce. "It was clear to us that we would support the town and the Landesgartenschau here on site with a new edition of our milk mushroom. However, there was a lot involved for us: We first had to translate the old manual drawings into our systems, clarify materials and make the mushroom "production-ready", so to speak. But the result made everyone's hearts beat faster." Markus Bieg, CTO and Head of Laboratory Solutions, describes the Group's favourite project.   

It has now been set up and handed over for its intended purpose: the new original Waldner Milchpilz is used for advance ticket sales for the Landesgartenschau. "After almost 70 years, we have revived our fancy "milk advertiser" from back then. At 2.65 tonnes and with a roof span of 4.10 metres, the Milchpilz is a real heavyweight. It consists of around 600 individual parts and, as a whole, is sure to bring a smile to the faces of many visitors." Herbert Scherer is certain. In his normal life, Scherer is head of engineering at Laboratory Solutions and was responsible for the technical realisation of the Milchpilz project. Mushroom two and three will be delivered in mid-April so that the milk mushrooms can welcome visitors to Wangen in a freshly dressed state.   

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