03/03/2021 | We are a new sponsor of Jugend forscht

The full-range supplier for educational institutions will in future support Germany's best-known competition for young researchers, Jugend forscht.

The full-range supplier for educational institutions will in future support Germany's best-known competition for young researchers

Hohenloher is a new sponsor of Germany's best-known competition for young researchers. The complete supplier for educational institutions from Öhringen in Baden-Württemberg will in future support the sustainable promotion of talent of Jugend forscht in mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology (MINT).
Starting with the current round of competitions, Hohenloher is offering the MINTSPACE school prize at all Jugend forscht competitions nationwide. The 16 winning schools each year will receive experimental tableaus for science lessons. In addition, the company donates three further main prizes in the form of equipment vouchers, which are awarded to the three most creative and innovative room concepts for interdisciplinary, self-organised learning of the school prize winners.
With the award Hohenloher wants to contribute to the design of innovative room concepts as they are needed for the successful implementation of new pedagogical and didactical approaches to action-oriented, interdisciplinary and self-organised learning. In recent years, concepts such as "learning workshops" and "makerspaces" have been recognised as areas of their own theory and practice, researched and implemented in student research centres, science centres and schools. As a laboratory and school supplier, Hohenloher has therefore been thinking for years not in the context of pieces of furniture, but in terms of holistic learning space concepts.
"The promotion of Jugend forscht and thus the promotion of young talents, committed teachers and creative school administrators is a logical shoulder to stand on for us," says Dr. Dierk Suhr, Head of Educational Concepts at Hohenloher. "Bringing together the smartest tinkerers and researchers from the most innovative schools with the most creative spatial concepts to promote their potential in the best possible way is a real concern for us, away from all economic constraints."
"We are very pleased to welcome Hohenloher as a new sponsor in the Jugend forscht network. This sponsorship allows schools to expand the framework conditions for creative, explorative learning in the STEM field in a targeted manner," says Dr. Nico Kock, board member of the Jugend forscht e. V. foundation. "We see the inclusion of this commitment, especially now in the current situation, as a powerful statement for Germany's best-known competition for young talent as well as for the importance of targeted support for young talent in the STEM field."

As the largest full-service supplier for educational institutions in Germany, Hohenloher designs innovative room concepts for scientific and technical education. The company with 250 employees produces multifunctional furnishing concepts, learning landscapes as well as flexible media supply and designs rooms with these elements.


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Dr. Dierk Suhr, Head of Educational Concepts
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